• Pre-KEarly Starters Program for Ages 3-5
  • Personalized TutoringOur tutoring program revolves around your child...
  • Math TutoringFrom counting numbers all the way up to college level Calculus...
  • Help is on the way!Hone in on fundamental skills and stay ahead of the curve...
  • Test Taking StrategiesAchieve highter test scores with our proven strategies...
  • SAT PrepWe help prepare your student for this college admission exam...
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We build the program around your child;
not your child around the program!

At Brainy Learning Center (BLC), we believe in a personalized and customized educational experience. The key to success is building self-esteem and inspiring students to become life-long learners through academic achievement while enjoying learning.

Located in Rancho Bernardo, Brainy Learning Center offers learning and tutoring services in math and language arts, SAT Prep, Study Skills, as well as other areas to students of all ages. We do not use a proprietary "method" or "system" as a way to convey information, skills, and strategies through mass produced workbooks or worksheets.

BLC hones in on the needs of your child's strengths and weaknesses and focuses on strategies that will help them be successful, build more confidence, and love to learn. BLC follows the common core standards, along with state and national standards and provides an individual and team learning experience that is unmatched to any other learning or tutoring service.

Our goal is simple: help your child acquire the tools and life-long learning skills in math, reading, writing or other disciplines in order achieve success and build confidence. This will not only benefit him/her in school, but also in everyday life.

summer camp for Grades K-8, Brainy Learning Center

More Than Just Tutoring

BLC is a learning center students can attend throughout the year to improve their math and language arts concepts and skills. BLC provides highest level of service and learning style at our center. We utilize the most up-to-date technology and methods to help students master necessary skills to be successful in the classroom. Our instructors inspire and motivate. They get to know the child and provide the positive motivation that leads to success.

BLC helps children meet the growing demands expected of students by offering a high quality, hands-on learning environment to help supplement the work they are already doing in school and at home.

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Lower Pricing and Customized Learning.
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